Yaoi Manhwa

I'm seriously surprised that out of all the Yaoi mangas I'm reading right now, Yaoi Manhwas are at the top of my list. Before, it was definitely Finder and Junjo Romantica. But now, it has been usurped by "Royal Servant" and "A Man Like You".

I know that there should only be one Number One, but they are just both sooo great that I really love them! Although there are parts that are very cliche, the plot twists keep me from getting bored >_<

I've started reading new Yaoi Manhwas such as "Sign Language" and "Story of our lives" when I told myself time and time again that I don't want to add any Manhwas to my list anymore. I want to stay loyal to Japanese Yaoi Mangas but Yaoi Manhwas are not so bad which gives me a breathe of fresh air when the stories get repetitive.

Korean BL Mangas

So I mentioned in my previous post that I have started reading Korean BL mangas. I honestly wasn't expecting much but I really got hooked with a few titles. My current favorite is Royal Servant. Although the manga is being updated three times every month, I feel so unsatisfied. This is because I really can't take the cliffhangers every episode. I super love the characters and the artwork is not so bad. The story is a little bit cliche but there are still some plot twists here and there which makes it entirely unique.

For BL lovers, you should try it out :) Other Korean BL mangas I follow are as follows according to my preference:

1. Royal Servant
2. A Man Like You
3. Lover Boy
4. If you hate me so
5. Peach Love
6. At the End of the Road
7. Killing Stalking
8. Window by Window (not because of the story but because of the smex

LJ losing its members

So, I just returned to LJ a few weeks ago. But why do I see a number of people moving to Dreamwidth? Is LJ shutting its operations soon??? I'm really worried because LJ is like my childhood memories. I grew up looking at LJ more than Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I hope everyone will stay. If you create an account in dreamwidth, I hope you would maintain your account here in LJ

(no subject)

It's been two years since I posted here in LJ! Unlike before where I check LJ almost daily and never miss a post, now I am unable to read all the posts :( A lot of things happened since 2015. I was actually motivated to post again because of a dear friend of mine hear in LJ, a_ngua. I won't say anything further just that she was the trigger to my comeback :) Thank you very much a_ngua!

Due to this, I would like to try being up to date again with LJ Posts. I would like to start with just giving an update on the significant happenings these past two years.

1. Last December 30, 2015, I was able to watch Hey Say Jump Countdown Concert in Osaka. I didn't scheduly my trip with the concert which was why I was really ecstatic when they coincided. It was great and worth it! I even got a lot of Concert "Confettis" (not sure what it is called, but the long strip falling from above with the concert name on it)

2. I resigned from my job. I really liked my previous job and really loved my office mates, but hate, hate, hate my last manager. I tried to keep it in, but failed, so I left my job before I seriously ruin myself.

3. I started getting into skincare. I'm trying to do the Japanese/Korean way of skincare which has so many steps. I incorporated chemical exfoliants lately such as AHA and BHA to my routine but it really dried my skin :'( Now, my face is a bit flaky and red. So I stopped using anything altogether except sunscreen.

4. I got addicted to Yaoi Manhwas. Honestly, I never thought that it would be any good because I am not fond of Korea (Kdramas, Kpops, K-actors/actresses, etc) But it was good. My current favorites from the long list are A Man Like You, Royal Servant, Window by Window, Youjin and Peach Love. There are a lot more but if I were to recommend try the first two listed.

5. I started with my new job which is really, really interesting! It is related to Class Action Suits. It is totally different from my course in college or previous work. The responsibility is very heavy so I really hope I won't make any mistakes.

That will be all for now. In my next posts, I might share my thoughts on the Yaoi Manhwas I've been reading and also on the omegaverse trend.

Life ramblings

It's been a long time since I have posted here in Livejournal.

It's been almost a year since I started working in a multinational company. Looking back at it a year ago, I never expected I'd get in. I really have low self confidence when it comes to the real deal like interviews. I am really happy with my workplace. My direct manager is very nice. My teammates are the best team I have ever had, and my colleagues are easy to get along with. Though there was a period that I had to work overtime everyday and there was a moment I really wanted to quit, I'm glad I pushed through it.

The reality of working versus the time when I was a student is really different. I actually prefer working than being a student. After all, you don't get paid when you are a student, not to mention homeworks and exams. Well, I'm not saying that working is very easy. After all, I graduated without really knowing what I want to do with my life. Even now, I am still in the process of finding myself...

I would really like to commend those people who have already made up their mind in what they want to do. I will still try to find the one profession that I would excel and be fully satsfied in but for now, I'll enjoy the moments that I currently have.

For those who are looking for jobs and find it difficult to express themselves in interviews, just a friendly tip. Don't be too hard on yourself. I was over-marketing myself to companies which made me lose some confidence in myself on whether I really can do it or not. Don't be like me. Just be true to them. And one important thing is that you should let them know that you are very interested and that you are going to stay with them for the long term. I learned that after working with my current company.


Okay. So I'm really addicted to this Japanese band. I'm so obsessed with them to the point that I want to download everything about them and if there are available merchandise here in my country relating to them, I would definitely buy it. When I listen to their music, no matter what kind of mood I have, it instantly makes it better. I'm usually grumpy because of my caged life but I momentarily forget all the anger and sorrow when I listen to their music.

Oh, I haven't mentioned the band yet. They're from a very famous Japanese agency called Johnny's Entertainment. The band is called Hey Say Jump.

You see, I really am desperate. I am wishing everyday that one day I would get the chance to watch them perform live in Japan.

But because I really have strict parents, I have a slim chance of achieving that dream.

Yes, I'm ranting. I feel like I would burst if I don't do this.

I wanted to study abroad even if I have to work but I'm not allowed.

*sigh* Anyway, I plan on writing a letter to my parents to tell them what I feel. I hope it will reach them somehow..

New obsession

I recently have a new obsession. It is make up. I've been researching on the latest trends on all types of make up from foundation, concealers, blush, primers, bb creams and more. I don't know how I started having the addiction to research on the best make up but I can't stop!!!
I really hated the thought of putting make up on my face before. Simply because I easily get break outs. And another thing I don't like about make up is it hides our natural face. But now, those thoughts are really not appearing on my mind. Instead, I think that it is only natural to hide some "imperfections" in our faces.
I just hope that when I do buy the products that I researched on, it would not affect my already sensitive skin.

P.S I should really stop since I have promised myself to dedicate the 10% of my savings to YAOi


what the hell am i doing... I said I'm gonna give up but then I started hoping for something that I know will not happen.

At least most of the time, I'm preoccupied with work and I don't think about these things... It's just so hard for me to not be happy when it comes to you! I really hope that the day where I will look back on this and think "how stupid" will come soon...